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"Piet helped me a lot during my college admissions process. From drafting essays to finalizing my college list, he helped me with absolutely anything, helped me understand a lot of things throughout the process, and even encouraged me to hope for the best. The entire college process was a lot easier because he knew the answer to almost everything I had concerns about. Something we spent a lot of time was with my essays. He edited them, helped me frame them in a better style and still make them feel original. I consulted him about majors I might want to pursue and specific colleges that I would fit into. I cannot be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Piet during the entire process and it is because of him that I had so many colleges to choose from at the end of the process." 

~ Shreejit P, Nepal/Clarkson University 2024

("Piet) shone a light over the seemingly intimidating and complex college application process by illuminating the various pathways open to me and navigating me through the path best suited towards my goals. Being extremely empathetic, a good listener, and efficient communicator, he truly went above and beyond to help me find and matriculate into the best college for me. (Piet)’s unwavering support inspired a confidence within me that I continue to carry into my college career. I am forever grateful towards his dedication to my success and the wisdom and kindness he has shared with me." 

~ Lilly C, Maine/Bowdoin College 2026

We are so happy to have found DiriGo! College Consulting in my son’s junior year. Our anxiety around starting the college search and application process too late, soon dissipated through Piet’s and Julie’s kind, compassionate, patient guidance with their vast amount of experience and knowledge. They took their time to know my son’s needs, not only in the academics, but also personally. Communication about college choices, college tour experiences, my son’s college visit plans are attentive, insightful and frequent. Piet always responds immediately through email or via phone if we need help, even on the weekends. This team is local, well versed in our local school district. We are looking forward to the senior year college application process knowing that we are in good hands. Their creative, personalized approach added 2-3 colleges to our list of possibilities which we would have never thought of without their help. We are thankful for their excellent guidance.

~ Betty W, Parent

"My son is a rising senior who started working with Piet just over a year ago. One of Piet’s strengths is making connections with people, and my son has felt very comfortable with him from the beginning. As a parent, I appreciate Piet’s “gentle nudges” to us when we need to get to work on something - planning college visits last fall, for example. Piet has a wealth of knowledge and resources related to the college planning and application process that he continually shares with students and families. 


Piet has his clients on his mind at all times when he is visiting colleges. He’ll often message us when he visits a college he thinks my son might be interested in so we can explore it further. He also checked in with us several times while we were visiting colleges to hear our thoughts. 


Having Piet to lead this process for us has been invaluable. He is a great sounding board for the student and parents whether we are discussing high school course registration, summer experiences or planning ahead for the college application process. He is a bridge between the student and parents and helps make the process less stressful for everyone involved."

~ Robin S, Parent

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