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DiriGo! College Consulting believes high quality, experienced postsecondary guidance should be available to ALL Maine students. Maine's high school counselors maintain caseloads of 200 or more students, making it impossible to direct an individualized, sustained, intensive postsecondary process with every kid. DiriGo! is here to fill that need. We collaborate and coordinate with school counselors to ensure our work aligns with each school's existing process and enhances the student's overall postsecondary application experience.


Dirigo is the motto of the great State of Maine; it is Latin for "I lead" or "I direct." 


We chose it as our name for a multitude of reasons. 


First and foremost, we made the decision to work exclusively with Maine students. The internet makes it possible to work with students all over the country and even the world, but we are dedicated to Maine and Maine students only. We think they are neat. 


Secondly, in a consultancy model, we will lead or direct students through the college process, but leave decisions up to students and their families.  There is a lot contained within the college process that will help students when they are adulting solo; making important decisions is among them. 


Finally, our name is DiriGo! with a capital G! to emphasize the action oriented nature of the process. It's certainly not about being sedentary--it's about moving ever forward, step by step, until each student reaches their end goal.


Our logo reflects all of this ideology in an image. It is a creative variation of the original 1901 Maine flag, which depicted a lone pine tree and a blue star. The star is the North Star--Polaris--which is contained within the constellation Ursa Minor (The Little Bear). Humans have been using Polaris as a fixed point for celestial navigation and astronomy for thousands of years. Like the North Star, DiriGo! College Consulting will guide each student's journey through the forest to that one lone pine--the college or university they choose to attend.


Whether you aspire to be a Black Bear or a Polar Bear, some kind of Raptor (Eagle, Golden Eagle, Owl, Hawk, Falcon), a favorite dog breed (Husky, Terrier), an assorted mammal (Mustang, White Mule, Bobcat, Moose, Ram, Bengal, Beaver), a maritime staple (Clipper, Marriner), a figment of imagination (Sea Wolf), a meteorological event (Nor’ easter), a cloistered clergy (Monk),

or a Maine State Bird (Black fly) we will help you on your path!

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